In a recent interview with Analytics India Magazine, one of India’s leading online technological publishers, Vivek M Jain answered several questions regarding AR and the story and vision behind FlippAR. Talking about Augmented Reality, he explains how it could be a vital tool in exploring and celebrating India’s vibrant heritage, as well as promote a localised approach towards travel.

Pursuing the same through its new app FlippAR Go, he states how much work really goes into creating a worthwhile AR experience for the explorers and what it takes for an AR startup in India to make its mark on its audience.

Remembering the earlier days of FlippAR’s origin, Vivek revealed how the growing success of FlippAR in the field of Travel & Tourism is three portions of hustle and one portion of passion towards creating something new for the world to experience, all with a dash of well-timed luck. Watch the video here.

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