Tips on promoting a movie

Movie producers are always looking at newer ways to promote their films. One of the most important component of a movie promotion is the trailer. So, having as many people as possible watching the trailer will only help increase footfalls to the theatre to watch the movie

Things that producers would need to do to increase their:


  • “Augment” the posters of the new releases – wherein in pointing the mobile device to the poster, the trailer shows up
  • Run contests, wherein on pointing their device to a poster, they can stand a chance to win free tickets to the movie
  • Getting the audiences to engage the cast of the movie – and this can be done through Augmented Reality posters
  • Bringing in more visibility to the social media pages of the movie


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Tips to increase reach of advertisers content



For any advertiser, one of the main criteria is to get their content reach as many people as possible. More the number of eyeballs, the more people engaging with the brand, the more likely they would remember the brand and eventually lead to higher sales


Increase user engagement


One very innovative way to increase reach is using Augmented Reality in advertisements. For e.g. billboards, signages, newspaper ads, street ads, etc – if users could point their device to an ad and then be delivered some very interesting content like videos or images or contests that drive people to view the content. A fun way to engage people. The other benefit is also being able to analyse which advertisement is giving them most reach and the one’s that arent working

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Creating a beautiful in-store experience with Augmented Reality

Imagine this experience when you walk into a furniture store



  • You walk into a furniture store and you look around for sofas that you are looking to buy for your home


  • After a while, the sales staff comes to you and asks if you needed some help


  • You need some suggestions and  so the sales staff takes you to a section of their store and has you sit comfortably on a sofa


  • The sales staff then opens an application on her iPad and asks you to look at a large screen television


  • Pictures of different types of rooms, different color walls shows up and the staff asks you to choose the room that’s similar to yours


  • You then choose a room template and the entire catalog shows up on the large TV screen and the sales staff picks a few sofas and places in the room and you are comfortably sitting on the sofa and trying to see which one looks good


  • Now, your room also has a painting on the wall, so you would want to visualize if the entire set up in your room with the sofa goes well. So, the staff shows you a set of paintings and something that’s similar in terms of color shows up and you ask the staff to use that. The staff then places the painting on the wall and you are now able to visualize better


  • You as customer, would now be able to make a great buying decision and also the experience that you have had is going to be remain with you for a while


  • Imagine, if you are able to visualize the complete room with the entire set up of say, wall clocks, carpets, etc – thats going to be a beautiful in-store experience


With our Augmented Reality platform, FlippAR – your store would be able to provide this experience to your customers. See how this application works, watch this video

How to increase online sales of paintings?

One of the ways to be able to increase online sales of paintings is by understanding how customers go about buying a painting and then be able to deliver that experience as much as possible, online

Few parameters that customers would look at:


  • The feel they get when the see the painting in the first glance
  • The information about the artists and their previous works
  • Has there been any significant increase in value of the painting from the same artist
  • How would it look in their existing room setting
  • The prints & the medium
  • Is it an original artwork or an reproduction?
  • Price


Of course, a lot of the above pertains to art collectors. But a lot of them are common even for people who buy an art piece more from a decor perspective

The online art galleries can do these following to be able to provide an experience that helps customers make a good decision:


  • Have high resolution pictures that enables users to be able to zoom to the finest details as possible
  • Have as much information as possible about the artists, videos of past installations of the work done by the artist, etc
  • Customers would like to know how a painting would look in their rooms in real-time. At FlippAR, we have an app that helps customers visualize how a painting would look in real-time. So, they can take a picture of their room and then place different paintings to see how it would look and they can make a decision

Augmented Reality for Furniture Stores to increase customer engagement

One of the areas that Augmented Reality is most suited for, is in decorating homes & offices. So the questions arises – “Why Augmented Reality for Furniture Stores”?

Benefits to the retailer/brand:

  • Getting the customer to spend more time with the brand. Getting them actively engaged with a brand appeals to the customers senses
  • It helps with leaving a positive impression with customers
  • Its not just about information, but providing an experience for customers to access that information
  • There are times when its not possible to display the entire stock in the store – due to lack of display space. This helps brands display all their products. This in turn helps with clearing of dead stock as well
  • If the experience is positive, the word spreads and helps bring in more footfalls
  • The retailer is able to create a catalog with different products options being displayed – and can be done in real quick time
  • Helps with faster conversions. For example, a family looking at buying some furniture – one member of the family would visit the store, experience the product and may then want to get suggestions from the other family members. Without having to go to the store again, they can decide the color options, how it would look in their rooms, etc. This certainly helps make faster purchase decisions

Benefits to the customer:

  • It takes the imagination out and helps customers visualise in real-time how various product combinations would look
  • The chances of the customers regretting a buying decision are slightly lowered because of this
  • The customer is able to get suggestions from a lot more people, before they can make a buying decision – by sharing on social media quite easily

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Watch a demo video of how Augmented Reality for Furniture stores would work

Video of Augmented Reality for Furniture