One of the ways to be able to increase online sales of paintings is by understanding how customers go about buying a painting and then be able to deliver that experience as much as possible, online

Few parameters that customers would look at:


  • The feel they get when the see the painting in the first glance
  • The information about the artists and their previous works
  • Has there been any significant increase in value of the painting from the same artist
  • How would it look in their existing room setting
  • The prints & the medium
  • Is it an original artwork or an reproduction?
  • Price


Of course, a lot of the above pertains to art collectors. But a lot of them are common even for people who buy an art piece more from a decor perspective

The online art galleries can do these following to be able to provide an experience that helps customers make a good decision:


  • Have high resolution pictures that enables users to be able to zoom to the finest details as possible
  • Have as much information as possible about the artists, videos of past installations of the work done by the artist, etc
  • Customers would like to know how a painting would look in their rooms in real-time. At FlippAR, we have an app that helps customers visualize how a painting would look in real-time. So, they can take a picture of their room and then place different paintings to see how it would look and they can make a decision

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