Holograms might be a closer reality than you would imagine. While we have all seen glimpses of it through smart gadgets such as the Google Glass, the technology hasn’t been easy to access for everyone. Well, not until now…

An Indian technology startup, called Tesseract, has been working on a gadget that can help you experience interactive, real-time AR with your phone. Primarily a headset, Holoboard works through the Holoboard app, which can installed on your Android or iOS device. The app offers 3D tracking and mapping and overlays your real-world view with holograms. How cool is that! It also comes with a bluetooth gesture-sensitive remote control which is programmable and can be used for playing games, as well as for interacting with other holograms.

Kshitij Marwah, who is the founder of Tesseract, has worked closely with his team on many versions of Holoboard. Holoboard, is soon to become the first Augmented Reality headset in the world, which can be accessed using a smartphone.

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