Coasters to unlock memoriesThe pub is a home to millions of lost memories. From deep conversations with strangers to the argument you had with yourself.
Can you recall that dizzy night? Don’t try hard. Try FlippAR instead.

FlippAR has teamed with The Local – Terrace Drinkery to make sure that all your moments are alive, right inside a bottle coaster. Sounds crazy, right!

Simply take memorable pics & vids from your smartphone and collect the coaster at your table. Then tag the media to the coaster. That’s it. Now you’re all set to defy time. When you’re sober, just scan the coaster and relive the moment. Keep the coaster as a memorabilia with yourself, forever.

Among all the exotic reasons to use FlippAR, this one’s for the lush in you.

So now you know: The Local – Terrace Drinkery is your next pub🍻, and FlippAR your chauffeur📱.

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