The travel and tourism industry has seen many developments over the past 50 years. Air travel has become more affordable, our luggage has gotten more stylish and so has our travel wardrobe. With the advent of the internet, more and more people now plan their travel on their own, hence avoiding that visit to the travel agent. In this post, I will talk about India’s 1st AR app for travel.

Meanwhile, several museums, tourist spots, historical monuments and even airports around the world have adopted Augmented and Virtual Reality to enhance a traveller’s experience. 

App developers around the world have developed apps which offer experiences for every travel requirement – access to reliable historical information, navigation and guide to nearby locations, and also offers on local purchases.

Recently, Lonely Planet has released its own AR experience in the form of Compass Guides, which is an AR-supplemented experience of 25 handpicked locations around the world. The experience works through city-specific AR apps which provide the users with all the information, and navigation services using the phone’s front camera, GPS and compass. The service, however, is only available for Android phones.

Tech giant Google is prepping to make the Google Glass experience available for smartphones. The feature will allow its users to access all the information available online by clicking a simple picture of the object. Another offering by Google, Google Lens, provides information found online on an object or a building by simply scanning it with the phone’s camera.

This is already available on several Android devices. Watch the launch event here. Meanwhile, Apple AR also has something new in store with its AR maps. Though the experience is yet to be made available for all versions and all of Apple’s products, we thought it was pretty cool, so we thought of sharing it with you. You can watch it here.

Several museums, tourist spots, historical monuments and even airports around the world have adopted Augmented and Virtual Reality to enhance a traveller’s experience. In this post, I will talk about India's 1st AR app for travel

And now, as many of you already know, FlippAR recently launched its own AR-enabled travel app. Being India’s first-ever, the FlippAR Go app does it all – it can guide you to various points of interest in the city, offer you verified information about the local historical sites, clue you in one fun activity to do nearby – with one, simple app.

That’s right! You can explore historical places with access to reliable information, explore nearby areas through local recommendations, and engage in AR-experiences and games exclusive to each location- all without the need to jump from app to app. The app is already operational in Bengaluru and Hampi. Download the app now for Android or iOS.

AR, being limitless in its possibilities, is probably the best thing to happen to the travel industry since airplanes. Don’t you really want to be among the first to hop on board? Go ahead! Download the apps, make your travel plans, and explore the world through the brand new lens.

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