August witnessed FlippAR Go being ranked among the Top 5 apps on the Product Hunt, a website which allows its users to share and discover new products. FlippAR Go, which is a “first of its kind” AR Travel app in India, helps its users explore the stories of the world using AR. The users of Product Hunt found the app very fascinating and, with over 200 upvotes, it was among the top 5 products showcased on their website. Some of the users were also kind enough to leave behind reviews on the app. Here are some of our favourites:

“Great app for amazing travel experience, moreover User interface is quite user friendly.” – Manjiri Gundala

“The UI of this product is amazing, really useful for people like me who love to travel a lot.” – Asha Anandas

“This tool is very useful for me. All videos are in clear quality.” – Joseph Smith

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With FlippAR Go, FlippAR aims to open new doors for travel-enthusiasts to explore the history and stories of the world through a new lens. To download the app, click here.

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