Mahamastakabhisheka is a festival observed by the Jain community once every 12 years, in honour of the revered Jain saint Gomteshwara. Here, devotees climb up the Vindhyagiri Hill of the temple town Sravanabelagola, to the famous statue of Bahubali, or Gomteshwara. The proceedings of the ceremony include the devotees anointing the statue with milk, saffron, honey, and rose petals.

This year, FlippAR added a pinch of Augmented Reality to this auspicious celebration. Working with the Government of Karnataka and the Karnataka State Tourism Department, FlippAR developed an experience where the devotees could dwell on tales from the saint’s life by scanning the statue. The app also provided its audience a chance to interact with the statue and gain more information about the surrounding areas for an improved travel experience.

I you wish to be a part of the experience, scan the image below using the FlippAR app on your phone.


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