Imagine this experience when you walk into a furniture store



  • You walk into a furniture store and you look around for sofas that you are looking to buy for your home


  • After a while, the sales staff comes to you and asks if you needed some help


  • You need some suggestions and  so the sales staff takes you to a section of their store and has you sit comfortably on a sofa


  • The sales staff then opens an application on her iPad and asks you to look at a large screen television


  • Pictures of different types of rooms, different color walls shows up and the staff asks you to choose the room that’s similar to yours


  • You then choose a room template and the entire catalog shows up on the large TV screen and the sales staff picks a few sofas and places in the room and you are comfortably sitting on the sofa and trying to see which one looks good


  • Now, your room also has a painting on the wall, so you would want to visualize if the entire set up in your room with the sofa goes well. So, the staff shows you a set of paintings and something that’s similar in terms of color shows up and you ask the staff to use that. The staff then places the painting on the wall and you are now able to visualize better


  • You as customer, would now be able to make a great buying decision and also the experience that you have had is going to be remain with you for a while


  • Imagine, if you are able to visualize the complete room with the entire set up of say, wall clocks, carpets, etc – thats going to be a beautiful in-store experience


With our Augmented Reality platform, FlippAR – your store would be able to provide this experience to your customers. See how this application works, watch this video

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