Ever been a part of a startup? Yes? Then you’re probably familiar with the relentless excitement that goes into being part of one. The last few months have been exactly that for Team FlippAR.

Augmented Reality is the new horizon in tech, especially in terms of ‘how we experience it’. With every passing month, its popularity has only grown. FlippAR is an attempt at the cutting edge of this AR experience. We’ve been constantly pushing the boundaries of AR in India.

So what do we do at FlippAR?

The AR in our name stands for Augmented Reality and the idea behind our name was to literally flip your experience of reality, through AR. Our initial AR offerings in 2105, when we launched, involved leaving you with some fun experiences. One of them being inspired by ‘a message in the bottle’ but with an AR twist. So, we let you lock memories into a bottle or any other object, or even place, like a pub, restaurant, and even your home. These memories would stay here, invisible, waiting to be unlocked by the people you tagged, by scanning the object or visiting a place.

The concept received tremendous appreciation. But the app was still raw. A major chunk of the feedback indicated that our UI and UX didn’t meet your expectations of such a novel concept.

Now, if there’s one thing you must know about FlippAR, it is that we take feedback seriously. It a difficult realisation that something we loved so dearly and had worked so hard at had faltered in bringing alive the magic of AR. But with this, also came the realisation that the best products we see today are actually iterations of an original draft.

We came together, discussed the feedback, thrashed out ideas – some fabulous, some hilarious, many cast aside. A thousand Trello boards, mountains of coffee, many hours of badminton and one lost-and-found iPhone later, here we are, back with a very promising, brand new FlippAR, rechristened FlippAR Go. An app that’s perfect to be your travel companion.

Use it to bring alive stories about places, go on heritage walks, pub crawls, and even unlock some fun offers and while you do this, here’s what’s new to look forward to.

  • New interface: A revamped design and user experience – we made sure it’s super easy and fun to use. 
  • Well researched, interesting, multilingual content – We focussed a lot on the content creation – well researched and original content is what we pride ourselves on. That presented in the form of audios and videos, in multiple languages, including local and foreign, will ensure your experience is nothing short of fulfilling. 
  • Interactive experiences: Look out for our promising section on interactive experiences. From reconstructing delipidated heritage sites to helping you access areas otherwise inaccessible to storing memories using fun filters, all this is made possible for you, through the lens of AR. 
  • Fair trade and Equal opportunity employment: At FlippAR we strongly believe in equal and fair opportunities for all. Towards this, we constantly involve ourselves with talent from the rural areas for content translation, voice-overs etc. 
  • An app for all: FlippAR GO’s constantly trying to evolve by promising more inclusive content. Towards this, we’ve even introduced sign language videos for those with hearing disabilities – a small step on our part to ensure the travel experience for all is nothing short of promising. 
  • FlippAR’s association with the Govt.: We’ve been working in association with the Govt. of Karnataka and Karnataka Tourism and have ongoing projects with government bodies like the Nehru Planetarium, HAL museum and more. 
  • Our brand ambassador – The Universe Boss: Yes, there’s more to us! Our work has attracted the interest of ace cricketer Chris Gayle, who’s invested in our business and is also an ambassador for our brand.  

So, if you happen to be in the mood to explore the city, do try FlippAR Go. Your perfect travel companion. Psst! You’ll get us on the app store.

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