Here’s how a pub in Bangalore lets you turn back time!

Coasters to unlock memoriesThe pub is a home to millions of lost memories. From deep conversations with strangers to the argument you had with yourself.
Can you recall that dizzy night? Don’t try hard. Try FlippAR instead.

FlippAR has teamed with The Local – Terrace Drinkery to make sure that all your moments are alive, right inside a bottle coaster. Sounds crazy, right!

Simply take memorable pics & vids from your smartphone and collect the coaster at your table. Then tag the media to the coaster. That’s it. Now you’re all set to defy time. When you’re sober, just scan the coaster and relive the moment. Keep the coaster as a memorabilia with yourself, forever.

Among all the exotic reasons to use FlippAR, this one’s for the lush in you.

So now you know: The Local – Terrace Drinkery is your next pub🍻, and FlippAR your chauffeur📱.

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5 reasons why newspapers should use Augmented Reality

Benefits of augmenting newspaper


1. Build reader engagement by making articles engaging and make them alive. Engaged readers are loyal and profitable

2. Make sharing of articles on the social media very easy, thereby increasing its reach and reader base

3. Making advertisements alive, thereby adding a lot of value to advertisers by getting readers to engage in a call-to-action. Happy advertisers = more ads for the paper

4. Understand what readers are engaging the most with, what articles are popular and focus on those. This enables increased reader engagement, which leads to point 1

5. It is another way to distribute a lot of digital content that’s already been developed and investments made

Tips on promoting a movie

Movie producers are always looking at newer ways to promote their films. One of the most important component of a movie promotion is the trailer. So, having as many people as possible watching the trailer will only help increase footfalls to the theatre to watch the movie

Things that producers would need to do to increase their:


  • “Augment” the posters of the new releases – wherein in pointing the mobile device to the poster, the trailer shows up
  • Run contests, wherein on pointing their device to a poster, they can stand a chance to win free tickets to the movie
  • Getting the audiences to engage the cast of the movie – and this can be done through Augmented Reality posters
  • Bringing in more visibility to the social media pages of the movie


If you would like to know more about promoting movies using Augmented Reality, get in touch



Tips to increase reach of advertisers content



For any advertiser, one of the main criteria is to get their content reach as many people as possible. More the number of eyeballs, the more people engaging with the brand, the more likely they would remember the brand and eventually lead to higher sales


Increase user engagement


One very innovative way to increase reach is using Augmented Reality in advertisements. For e.g. billboards, signages, newspaper ads, street ads, etc – if users could point their device to an ad and then be delivered some very interesting content like videos or images or contests that drive people to view the content. A fun way to engage people. The other benefit is also being able to analyse which advertisement is giving them most reach and the one’s that arent working

FlippAR’s augmented reality app helps advertisers maximise their reach. Contact to know more