The world of travel now has its own specialized vocabulary. Look at the two words below for starters:

Wanderlust: lit. a strong desire to travel; &

Fernweh: lit. a desire even stronger than wanderlust, describing an ache to travel to far off places.

Of course, this new lexicon is only a result of an increasing number of travelers giving voice to their thoughts and emotions. They sum up what an average traveler desires from his/her travel these days. A perfect travel diary – needless to say, filled with interesting stories and pictures. Assisting them with this are innumerous apps and now ever increasingly, technology.

Yep, that’s right! Technology is doing its best to ensure it doesn’t miss this huge wave and is jumping right on to offer fun and curated experiences to the traveller. And by technology, we obviously mean the latest guys in tech – AR and VR.

Gone are the days when AR and VR were alien words, used by techies alone. Today, they are here to revolutionize an ordinary travelers life. That’s yours and mine. One such interesting experience offered currently by them is in the pre-booking phase.

Pre-booking experience: Know what you are getting, before literally getting there.

In the pre-booking phase, AR and VR help the traveler get a better idea and feel of their travel from the comforts of their couches. Ever wanted to fast forward into your upcoming vacation? Or are not sure if you picked the right room or hotel for your stay? With AR phone applications and smart glasses, such as the widely famous Google Glass, host cities are now able to give the tourists a better experience of what’s to come. From hotel room walkthroughs, to tourist attractions, techonology is now enabling the average traveller to take a peek into their future trip before they make their bookings.

AR and VR technologies are boundless in their scope of enhancing tourist experience, as we know it. Other than pre-booking, technology is also adding in to the active travel experience of tourists. So the next time you are traveling, give Augmented and Virtual Reality a chance, and see for yourself a glimpse of what the future of travel holds in store.

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