History lovers, pay heed! For all those times you have wandered the roads of the city, looked at infrastructural gems and wondered about their history, you are in for a treat. The FlippAR Go app is here to satiate your curiosity. An AR-enabled travel app, FlippAR Go can provide you with reliable, curated information about some of the famous structures around the city, as well as some of the lesser known gems. From the iconic Cubbon Park to the age-old buildings around MG road, the app knows it all. With the Heritage Walks, the app aims to help people uncover the secrets of Bengaluru. During these walks, the app will guide you to the locations and once you reach there, it will open up bounties of information about these locations, with pictures from the yesteryears, and videos exploring the history of the place. The app’s AR feature offers some unique photo ops as well. So download the app and don your explorer hat. The adventure is just beginning.

Watch the video below and be a part of FlippAR’s Pledge2Protect innitiative held in Cubbon Park, Bengaluru.

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