Like it happens in chick-flicks – the boring lead whom everyone avoids, turns cool and hep – so has happened with the art museums in America. Seattle & Chicago introduce AR-enabled experiences in their Art Museums (ARt Museums, if you will). You heard us right, the boring museums, which you dreaded, have turned cool. Wondering how that is even possible? Well, here’s how journalist Frank Catalano said it happened:

The Seattle Art Museum used double exposure as a medium to add an interactive element to the Art exhibits. These elements were of many kinds, such as audio and video commentaries, as well as paintings coming to life through portrait animations. This was done with the assistance of an AR app called Layar.

While Seattle used AR to enrich its existing installations, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago used extended reality as a an art installation in itself in its showcase “I Was Raised On The Internet”. One of the installations, the Transdimensional Serpent, involved the visitors sitting on an Ouroboros, a serpent, which is seen eating its own tail. They were then equipped with a VR headset which then showed them magical sights and mystical creatures. And it doesn’t end here. Soon enough the spectators were exposed to VR-ed versions of themselves on a VR-ed version of the snake. Mind-blowing, we’d say!

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